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产品名称: Product Name  精制黄精 Jingzhi Huangjing 黄精糕 Huangjing Gao 黄精圆 Huangjing Wan  黄精茶 Polygonatum Tea 黄静粉Polygonatum Powder 黄精片Polygonatum Slice 黄精玫瑰花红颜本草茶 Polygonatum and Rose Tea


长沙新泉新林保健品有限公司创建于 2002 年,系以湖南省 20 家重点医药企 业湖南新汇制药股份有限公司为核心龙头企业的健康产业链控股企业。公司坐落在湖 南望城经 济开发区唯罗克路 18 号,建筑面积 4 万余平方米。

Founded in 2002, Changsha Xinquanxinlin Health Products Co., Ltd. is a  health industry chain holding company with 20 key pharmaceutical companies  in Hunan Province, and Hunan Xinhui Pharmacy Co., Ltd. as its core leading enterprise. It is located at No. 18 Weiluoke Road, Wangcheng Economic Development Zone, Changsha City, Hunan, with a construction area of more than 40,000  square meters.

公司自成立以来秉持“打造核心技术传承精华,推进健康产业守正创新”的 初衷,伴随着国家大健康的时代,在坚持继承和发扬传统的同时,遵循“品牌与文 化,匠心与国粹”的总体思路,坚定不移的恪守初心,公司不断发展过程中实施创 新驱动战略,实行管理创新和技术创新并驾齐驱,立足于在这大健康时代赋予的使 命与担当中成为行业典范和产业楷模。

Since its establishment, Xinquanxinlin has been adhering to the original  intention of “creating the essence of core technology inheritance and promoting the integrity and innovation of the health industry”. With the era of national  health, while insisting on inheriting and carrying forward the tradition, it follows  the overall “brand and culture, ingenuity and national quintessence”. Thinking,  unswervingly abiding by the original intention, the company implements an innovation-driven strategy in the process of continuous development, implements  management innovation and technological innovation to go hand in hand, based  on the mission and responsibility given by this great health era to become an industry model and industry model.

公司拥有一支覆盖健康产业链产学研相结合的专业技术团队。2016 年联手湖 南中医药大学承担国家中药材标准化——黄精标准化项目。按照国家统一要求, 从种子种苗繁育、田间管理、采收、初加工、中药饮片炮制、包装、储藏、储运 等可追溯全链条质量控制标准建设工程,制定了 17 个国家标准及行业标准和行业 规范。黄精是药食两用产品,公司在制订国家标准的同时,对黄精进行了生物活性 评价和功能评价。结果表明:黄精的有效成分可增强心脏收缩力,增加冠状动脉血流量,降低血压和血糖,提高人体免疫力,从而延缓机体的衰老。所以黄精滋肾润 脾,补脾益气。主治阴虚劳嗽;肺燥咳嗽;脾虚乏力;食少口干;消渴;肾亏腰膝 酸软;阳痿遗精;耳鸣目暗;须发早白;体虚赢瘦。 黄精含黄精多糖、低聚糖、粘液质、淀粉及多种氨基酸等成分,能提高机体免 疫功能和促进 DNA、RNA 及蛋白质的合成,促进淋巴细胞转化作用;具有显著的 抗结核杆菌作用;对多种致病性真菌有抑制作用;对伤寒杆菌、金黄色葡萄球菌也 有抑制作用;有增加冠脉流量及降压作用,并能降血脂及减轻冠状动脉粥样 硬化程 度;对肾上腺素引起的血糖过高呈显著抑制作用;还有抑制肾上腺皮质的作用和 抗 衰老作用。

The company owns a professional technical team covering the combination of production, education and research in the health industry chain. In 2016,  it joined hands with Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to undertake the national standardization of Chinese medicinal materials-Huangjing  (Polygonatum sibiricum) Standardization Project. In accordance with the unified  national requirements, 17 national standards and industry standards have been  formulated for the construction of traceable quality control standards for the entire  chain from seed and seedling breeding, field management, harvesting, primary processing, processing of Chinese herbal medicines, packaging, storage,  storage and transportation, etc. Polygonatum is a medicinal and edible product.  While formulating national standards, the company evaluated its biological activity and function. The results show that the active ingredients of Polygonatum can  enhance the contractility of the heart, increase coronary blood flow, lower blood  pressure and blood sugar, improve human immunity, and anti-aging. Besides,  Polygonatum nourishes the kidney and spleen. Huangjing is mainly used to treat  Yin deficiency cough, lung dry cough, spleen deficiency fatigue, low appetite for  food, dry mouth, thirst, kidney deficiency, waist and knee soreness, impotence,  spermatorrhea, tinnitus, dark eyes, white hair, body deficiency and thin. Polygonatum contains Polygonatum polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, mucilage,  starch and a variety of amino acids. It can improve the body’s immune function  and promote the synthesis of DNA, RNA and protein, promote the transformation of lymphocytes, and has a significant anti-TB effect. It also has an inhibitory  effect on a variety of pathogenic fungi, as well as typhoid bacillus and Staphylococcus aureus. It can increase coronary flow and blood pressure, and can lower  blood lipids and reduce coronary atherosclerosis. Polygonatum has a significant  inhibitory effect on hyperglycemia caused by adrenaline, and can also inhibit the  adrenal cortex and anti-aging effects.

研究结果表明,黄精深加工后有非常好的保健价值。在充分发挥公司的技术优 势和产业优势下,开发了黄精系列保健养生食品,如精制黄精、黄精糕、黄精茶、 黄精粉及代用茶食品等。

The research results show that Huangjing (Polygonatum sibiricum) has very  good health value after deep processing. Taking full advantage of the company’s technical and industrial advantages, the company has developed a series  of health-care foods from Polygonatum, such as Jingzhi Huangjing, Huangjing Gao, Huangjing Wan, Polygonatum tea, Polygonatum powder and other Polygonatum foods.


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